Who I Am

Hey there everyone! It has been such a wild 2020 and it still isn’t over. This year started with my husband and I celebrating our 10-year anniversary, coaching my JV light girls basketball team, teaching my high school senior students in Food Science, watching our then 15-year-old nephew, who lives with us, run track, and simply living life. Hindsight is 20/20, which is ironically appropriate for the year 2020.

I have been teaching since 2012 and I absolutely love it! I ended Friday the thirteenth in March saying bye to my students and wishing them a safe spring break thinking I would see them a week later, but that day never came. It broke my heart not being able to return to the classroom to teach my students, but I worked with what I had. Our school district did a great job in getting our student population much needed technology devices for them to continue learning through Google Classroom to help them successfully complete the rest of the school year safely.

As for me, the pressure built up and the second month into the pandemic, I ended up checking myself into a residential treatment center, Magnolia Creek, in Alabama for anxiety, depression, C-PTSD, BPD, and an ED. I was there for three months and learned a lot and worked through a lot of things to stabilize my symptoms. Upon returning home, I knew I needed to do things to keep me busy and distracted from the fact that we were still social distancing and quarantining ourselves since there are still high rates of positive COVID-19 cases as well as deaths, one of which is the mother of one of my students this year. I was heartbroken for him and his family to have to go through something so devastating.

I have had time to work on several projects and as a result have several pieces of furniture in my garage right now which isn’t ideal but it is what it is. I am blessed to have a husband who enjoys helping me with these projects and allows me to look through Facebook Marketplace, in a somewhat addictive fashion, to find furniture that needs some TLC. I have been able to fix an old China cabinet, bookshelf, coffee tables, storage chest, and so much more. Chalk paint has been my saving grace, and although I like trying new color schemes, I have needed more of the neutral chalk paints in larger amounts for the bigger pieces of furniture. So, I have gone to using Rust-Oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint, in multiple colors that are available in 30 Fl. Oz. which has been amazingly helpful!

Check out some of the projects I have completed the past six months.

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