Free is Always Fun

Recently my Tio’s mother-in-law passed away, may God rest her soul, and he was left to take after her estate. My husband and I have gone to estate sales before and it is always so heartbreaking to see the family of the deceased. I can’t fathom how tough it must be to have to do that and see people taking things from your loved one who is no longer with you. So instead of an estate sale, my Tio decided to offer items to family and neighbors in order to clear out the house to be able to put the house for sale; a daunting task.

My husband, nephew, and mom went to the house a few times to help take things out and stored it in our garage, luckily we have a bigger than average garage. We got several items that we restored and were able to store and keep. It’s a fun time when working on a new project, but the cleaning part is a lot of work. My husband and I were up to the task especially because we got a new bedroom set, well new to us. We have had the same hand-me-down dresser for the past ten years from one of my Tias (seen below). We also had a smaller hand-me-down dresser from one of my mom’s childhood friends, and a mirror that we found on Facebook Marketplace. So that mismatched bedroom set was painted so it was no long appeared to be mismatched. It worked for us, but I was ready for more storage from this new-to-me bedroom set.

Both dressers and mirror were somewhat of a golden oak color that was nice, but I like having a little color in my life. I really hate when I get overly excited about starting a new project that I forget to take a “before” picture, which is what happened with this project, well I did remember to take a picture of the mirror at least. So this is an example of what it looked like before.

As you read in my last post, I really love me some chalk paint and it has ALWAYS been my go-to. . . until now ::dun dun dun:: I have found another love in my life and the name is Rust-Oleum 331050 Finish Milk Paint, Quart, Highland Blue. I cannot tell you how absolutely beautifully it applies and how its finished look is so refreshing and smooth (this sounds like I’m describing my favorite beer). It really brings pieces back to life. Like I said, nothing was wrong with the dressers before, but it just wasn’t me, ya know? A girl’s gotta have some standards. So since I can’t tell you how amazing this color is, I’ll just have to show you.

With this new fresh coat of paint and affordable knobs, it makes it look like brand new furniture! After trying out this new type of paint, I logged into my Amazon account and literally bought every color of milk paint available in quart-size. So know here I am looking on Facebook Marketplace for new possible projects. Remember to follow my Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and blog to see my newest endeavors!

** This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I also earn from qualifying purchases through other companies, or may receive free products. This does not cost you anything extra! All opinions are my own.


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