Simply Modest was a hard title to come up with because my original thought was how can someone who’s modest claim to be modest? So it led me to look up the definition of modest which is “unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s abilities or achievements” and “(of an amount, rate, or level of something) relatively moderate, limited, or small”. Some synonyms of the word modest are “self-effacing, self-deprecating, humble, unpretentious, unflashy, moderate, fair, limited, tolerable, passable, adequate, satisfactory, acceptable, and unexceptional”. I think of it in different ways like food for example, you can consume things you love but in modest amounts. Also when it comes to home decor, I don’t prefer flashy styles and rather enjoy the comfort, homey feeling. Everything I do as a hobby doesn’t take grand skills just time, devotion, and patience.

Simply Modest is a way I live life; it is adequate, enough, and humble. I enjoy the simple things like the nature all around us, the rivers, lakes, and streams in the Texas Hill Country. There is beauty in food creations, art, and home decor. Stick around to see some of it.

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