Cute styles of bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for any occasion!

Jewelry to match your vibe.

We care about your wants and needs, so feel free to make your request by contacting us at

Tri-Colored String Bracelet

Choose any three colors of your choosing and a clasp or button closure option. $3.00 With added charm $5.00

Single Charm Cord Necklace

A variety of colors and charms. If you have a special request, click on button below to let us know. $8.00

Harry Potter House Bracelet

Represent your house with a bracelet with your house colors. $10.00

More to Come

Please be patients while we create more jewelry.

Charm Bracelet

Anything from inspirational quotes to simple designs. Single charm bracelet. $8.00. Double charm bracelet $10.00


Silver and gold dangling earrings. $8.00

“I love my bracelet with my favorite colors and butterfly charm!”

Ally, Daphne, Alabama

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